The Challenge

For over 40 years Pyranha, Inc has provided popular and effective pest control solutions for the residential, equine and livestock industry. Though the products were highly rated by consumers, they were perceived to be of lesser value than other more well established and marketed brands. The result was lost profits from price competition and lost opportunity to grow market share.

The Approach

Stewart recommend Pyranha start by educating the entire channel, from distributors to dealer and consumers, on what they should know about ingredient and application options in fly control products that would turn them into better judges of value. Then, by deploying updated packaging, merchandising and market materials that aided audiences to make better choices, Pyranha easily outperformed their peers in shelf appeal, brand impact and sales penetration. The addition of new products and markets, building on the brand promise of “Pyranha On, Pests Gone”, even further enhanced the performance of the company and its brand status.


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