We aren’t a typical agency, and proud of it.

Stewart isn’t fueled by big retainers and media deals. Our business is structured to develop sound strategy around the services your company needs to market effectively.

  • Full Service Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Business Analysis
  • Brand Consulting
  • Complete Communication Package
  • Brand Name & Logo Creation
  • Packaging, Merchandising, Point of Sale
  • Exhibit & Environmental Design
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Animation & Video
  • Website Strategy, Design, and Development
Our School of Thought

Design That Thinks

Housed in an historic schoolhouse, Stewart applies academic rigor to the business of design. We know that developing successful, cost-effective programs for our clients depends upon following a carefully planned process, no matter who or what the challenge.


We’re right down the hall.

We’re a team of specialists who pride ourselves on running a lean operation. That means clients won’t get lost in our layers. Instead they’ll get to work directly with the people who create the solutions for their business.

Dan Stewart
Most Likely to:
draw in class
Kate Stewart
President, Director to Client Service
Most Likely to:
talk in class
Amanda Wolf
Account Executive
Most Likely to:
pour herself a cup of ambition
Casey Cooke
Senior Designer
Most Likely to:
play outside
Nancy Sherwood
Senior Designer
Most Likely to:
plan a party
Tony Hall
Production Manager
Most Likely to:
always have a cool car
Melissa Seiferid
Media Manager
Most Likely to:
own a lot of animals
Thomas Franconia
Digital Media Planner/Buyer
Most Likely to:
trip over his own feet
Gabe Stewart
Sales & Marketing Representative
Most Likely to:
go into sales
Grace Johnson
Account Coordinator
Most Likely to:
add jalapeños
Sam McCutchan
Account Coordinator
Most Likely to:
horse around
Jacqueline Owings
Social Media Coordinator
Most Likely to:
do it for the gram
Laura Williamson
Accounting Manager
Most Likely to:
be shooshed

What’s with the scribble?

The birth of the creative impulse? The symbol of early childhood education? That’s what some of our clients have guessed is the meaning behind our logo. But the real story is that 1972, when his new design business was forming, Dan Stewart saw an arresting drawing hanging on the wall of his sculpture professor’s studio that he just couldn’t get it out of his mind. It turned out to be the work of the artist’s four year old son, who had attempted to draw and fill in a very large sun, but simply ran out of gas.

The result was so interesting Dan asked to use it. Since the image was incorporated into this company identity, it has won design awards all across the globe, and the curiosity of decades of our clientele. To us, it’s living proof that the execution of a brand is as, if not more important than the design elements themselves. And we’ve been scribbling ever since.

Our History

50 years of brand positioning
and creative execution.