It’s All About Ideas

Welcome to Stewart & Associates – A different kind of graphic design firm. We don’t start designing until we’ve done our thinking. Listen first, design later–that’s our motto. We take the time to do our homework. That means we analyze the market – history, trends, competition, target audiences, attitudes, perceptions and misconceptions. And it means internal digging into company culture, climate, morale, needs and wants. These findings are distilled down to the strategic foundation that identifies brand personality. Combining design that thinks with ideas that sell, we create programs that reward that personality with market success.

How Does Design Think?

Founder Dan Stewart attributes the company’s success to connecting the right strategy with the right message. “When people first hear we’re a design firm they think pretty pictures. We’re unique because we’re more. We practice design that thinks — whether we’re involved in strategic consulting and brand positioning or creative execution, we pinpoint the right route, and hone the most-meaningful message. That’s what creates the connection and converts prospects to customers.”

There’s no “I” in People

The great thing about Stewart and Associates is that you won’t get lost in our layers. Instead you get to meet and work directly with the people who create the solutions for your business. Keeping our staff to a dozen people means we are all in constant communication. Since we function like a family, we are choosy about our associates. Drawing from near and far, the result is a close-knit team that works as one.

Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart
Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart
Marketing Director

Amanda Wolf
Account Executive

David Klotz
UI/UX & Front-End Developer

Casey Cooke
Senior Designer

Teresa Ladner
Business Manager
Melissa Seiferid

Melissa Seiferid
Media Manager
TIffany Collins

Tiffany Collins
Media Assistant
Gabe Stewart
Marketing Intern

Cameron Wheatley
Junior/Production Designer

The School House

School is the traditional birthplace of thoughts and ideas. That’s what makes it so perfect that our company is housed in one of Kentucky’s most historic school buildings. Originally built in 1873 to educate freed slaves, it was later the home of Mary D. Hill, a famous kindergarten pioneer and author of the “Happy Birthday Song”. It ended its days as an education institution in the late 1950′s, when Central High School moved to its newer, larger setting. Discovered by Dan Stewart in disrepair and facing imminent demolition, the renovated SchoolHouse has been our home since 1980. We like to think that many are glad its chalkboards and classrooms are still in use.

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What’s With The Scribble?

The birth of the creative impulse? The symbol of early childhood education? That’s what some of our clients have guessed is the meaning behind our logo. But the real story is even better. In 1972, faced with designing his own logo as his new design business was forming, Dan Stewart saw an arresting drawing hanging on the wall of his sculpture professor’s studio that he just couldn’t get it out of his mind. It turned out to be the work of the artist’s four year old son, who had attempted to draw and fill in a very large sun, but simply ran out of gas. The result was so interesting to his dad that it went on display in the classroom and the rest is history. Since the image was incorporated into this company identity, it has won design awards all across the globe, and the curiosity of decades of our clientele. To Dan, it’s living proof that the execution of a brand is as, if not more important than the design elements themselves.