50 Years of Brand Positioning & Creative Execution.


It’s all about ideas.

In 1972 Dan Stewart opened his own business in Jeffersonville, Indiana, taking the first step toward creating a legacy of good design based on sound thinking.  Hillerich & Bradsby, makers of the iconic Louisville Slugger came calling to reinvigorate their brand look and cement the company identification with top performance products with baseball, golf and hockey. Success lead to other work for local and regional clients that established the Stewart reputation for breakthrough design.  International design awards and industry recognition would follow and soon the phone was ringing off the hook.


Combining great design with strategies for success.

Kate Stewart joined the company bringing new expertise in business analysis and marketing strategy development to the business.  This new toolkit would propel company growth. Stewart was no longer just an award-winning design firm, but a firm that combined great design with strategies that create success.  From naming and launching Passport, the first branded Medicaid provider in Kentucky, to developing a unified identity for all the banks owned by National City across four states, Stewart was proving the power of its ideas.

In 1990, Dan and Kate Stewart’s lifestyle and work life would collide when they were asked to work for PMAG Sweetlix. Using personal experience as cattle producers and applying retail packaging and branding expertise would bring immediate success to our clients.


Evolving with our clients.

In 1992, Intervet (later Merck Animal Health) engaged Stewart to identify strategic marketing opportunities for the newly merged company that resulted in immediate and far reaching success. This included relaunching the Safe-Guard line of products and innovating new market channels for animal vaccines.  Soon others would take note, including AAEP, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, and Reese.

During this period, as the creative services industry evolved, so did the way Stewart addressed client needs. CattleFax retained Stewart to solidify their position as the Bloomberg of the cattle industry, and even more importantly, to evolve their subscription information platform to web-based services that spurred remarkable growth. Stewart was firmly addressing the new era of marketing.


Expanding to new industries.

Stewart continued to add numerous clients in the equine industry through word-of-mouth, but also built successful marketing campaigns in other industries. Applying branding concepts to everything from basic industry manufacturers, to service companies, to not-for-profits proved the universal value of that expertise.

As technology grew, so did Stewart. We brought on 3D animators so that we could help clients better visualize the finished product, whether it be packaging, tradeshow displays, in store merchandising and more.


Continuing to push boundaries.

Stewart would continue pushing boundaries with decades of experience behind them.  In 2015, after the incredibly successful Safe-Guard Usual Suspects campaign, we became the agency for both Equine and Retail business units for Merck and helped established their brand as a leader in the animal health category.

While we are proud of our past, we are never one to rest on what we’ve done. Instead we use our experiences to illustrate that great design and a dedicated team of experts can make a difference to any enterprise, in any industry, using any methods. Because it’s all about ideas.