Curt Manufacturing

The Challenge

When Curt’s founder decided there was an unmet need in the towing product market and so began making hitch balls in the back of his father’s factory, he may not have realized just how prescient that decision would be. As the hitch and towing products industry suffered through several rounds of consolidation and restructuring, Curt Manufacturing only got bigger and better. Committed to making a superior product and serving their dealers like no other, Curt only needed a brand image that matched their quest for excellence.

The Approach

We created a complete brand strategy based on the idea that Curt has a more intimate connection to its customer and leads the industry as a result. Integrating the hitch ball in Curt’s symbol design and tying it all up with a hard-hitting tag line, the Curt branding program honors its past while paving the way for its future. Packaging, merchandising, advertising and trade show solutions carry the message to the market and the Curt brand forward.


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