The Challenge

CattleFax is the of the beef Industry. It collects producer data from its membership that exists nowhere else in the world. It interprets that data for the benefit of the entire beef industry, making its analysts the most trusted institutional voice in a highly dynamic category. But presentation style and technology deployment did not match the high regard in which the company is held or the operating requirements of a news and information source. Plus, with a highly diverse membership, CattleFax needed to be able to better adjust its content to ensure it remained relevant to all producers, regardless of size or type of operation.

The Approach

We began with a complete overhaul of the CattleFax membership structure and service platform. Next came creating a new brand system designed to elevate the brand impact of CattleFax and better express its expert position. From the tag “The Deciding Factor” to the launch of a more robust yet user friendly web site, implementation of the CattleFax branding program has been carefully managed to ensure the advice of its analysts was communicated to the beef industry in ways that achieve the best outcomes for all.


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