Stewart and Associates Reined in Silver at 2018 Vetty Awards

Stewart and Associates Reined in Silver at 2018 Vetty Awards

Stewart and Associates, Inc. earns silver at the third annual Vetty Awards, the only awards competition celebrating animal health marketing. The award was the only one given to a large animal focused campaign.

Stewart and Associates created the Science Of campaign for Merck Animal Health’s equine division to reintroduce the updated Merck Animal Health brand to the equine industry, associating the brand with the well known equine products it had acquired in recent years and demonstrating how they deliver on the corporate “Science of Healthier Animals” brand promise. The campaign consisted of product ads, collateral materials directed to both veterinarians and horse owners, and a redesigned website,

“The Science Of campaign quickly gained acclaim within the equine industry before earning silver. It’s work we’re very proud of as a company. When people first hear we’re a design firm they think pretty pictures. We’re unique because we’re more. We practice design that thinks — whether we’re involved in strategic consulting and brand positioning or creative execution, we pinpoint the right route, and hone the most-meaningful message. That’s what creates the connection and converts prospects to customers”

Dan Stewart, CEO of Stewart and Associates, Inc.

Stewart and Associates has been working with Merck Animal Health (formerly Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health) since 2001 when they were first tasked with redesigning the brand strategy for the Safe-Guard® line of equine, cattle, and canine dewormers.



The VETTYs are an outreach of The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), a nonprofit organization that provides world-class continuing professional development and support services for the global veterinary healthcare community. Each year, we reach over 300,000 animal health professionals in some way, including event attendees, journal and VetFolio subscribers, social media followers and website visitors.

The VETTYs were introduced in 2016 as a way to recognize and celebrate the marketing, public relations, digital, social, design and creative work created on the behalf of the animal health industry, which is a nearly $70 billion industry in the United States alone.

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