Intervet Inc., d/b/a Merck Animal Health

The Challenge

Though Intervet was the surviving name following its merger with Hoechst Roussel Vet and the acquisition of Bayer vaccines, it was not well known among key customers in the cattle and equine industries. And its keystone product, Safe-Guard had suffered a multi-year sales decline as newer compounds and brand names had entered the category. Our challenge was to design an intuitive and recognizable brand strategy that built on the existing corporate brand design and revitalized the US product line. In addition, the program had to demonstrate how to integrate effective product marketing concepts with coherent corporate branding.

The Approach

The design program established a rigorous hierarchy of corporate brand to product brand names to cement their connection. Capitalizing on the name recognition of Safe-Guard dewormer, this branding system centers on a consistent color palette and font. Using green and yellow to attract attention, every facet of the Safe-Guard program has the same look and feel. Since the package “is the brand” at retail we approached all Safe-Guard formulations with the same hierarchal approach. Photographic cues on the package identify the species target and confusing copy was eliminated. How to get deworming right was pivotal to our design thinking. Since success would bring customers back, we had to nail the education component quickly.

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