The Approach

At Stewart & Associates, Inc. we know that developing successful, cost-effective programs for our clients depends upon following a carefully planned process, no matter who or what the challenge. We create a relationship in which our experienced design and marketing consultants work in close collaboration with the client team as a sort of an outsourced marketing department. The three-step process ensures we have all the information we need to be successful and that our clients get what they came for, a market moving program that meets strategy, timing and budget requirements.



The Process


Phase One:
Think Tank

We believe that all great work starts with a strong foundation, so everything we do starts with ThinkTank. Integrating personal interviews with category analysis, ThinkTank is a carefully developed and time tested audit process that distills our findings into a focused foundation for creative interpretation. Armed with these smarts, our design works harder for you. Designed to eliminate perceptions and provide a neutral ‘reality’, ThinkTank pinpoints potential trends and uncovers prime potential so you can go to market quicker. Scrutinizing history, trends, conceptions and misconceptions, ThinkTank applies third party smarts to ensure compelling creative that works.


Phase Two:
Creative Blueprint

Loaded with market-smart input, now we’re ready to apply our creative juice. From strategic positioning and branding to tactical application, every creative tool is tailored to fit the grand plan. Providing a complete creative blueprint, we explore every facet of the creative roll-out to provide a foolproof road map for flawless implementation. From logotype creation to online presence to advertising to corporate communications to video to whatever the job calls for, we explore every potential solution, soup to nuts. We agree with legendary designer Paul Rand when he said “I have two goals. The first is that everything I do as a designer must have an idea, it cannot just look nice. The second is, it has to look nice.”


Phase Three:

Last, but not least, we deliver a smooth and seamless implementation from the blueprint, to all of the actual brand elements required for maximum success in the marketplace. From media management and collateral production to web development and sales training tools, we are a one stop shop to get your message to market in the most efficient and effective way. And with concrete economies of scale and a proven, pre-aligned blueprint, we ensure there are no surprises along the way. Thanks to up-front planning and strategy, you keep your competition at bay with focused, dead-on creative. It’s what we do best and we can do it for you.



The Advantage

Stewart and Associates isn’t a typical agency fueled by retainers and media deals. We’re a design consultancy committed to earning our keep. The brand strategy sets the stage for all future work, is a key element of our process and a significant portion of our fee structure. But all our work is done as a result of providing clients with carefully considered estimates, to which the final cost looks identical unless client needs change.

When the branding program is implemented, that’s when real cost advantages are felt. With all the creative thinking done up-front, annual marketing budgets need only accommodate final production related costs. Though the initial investment of a branding program may be higher, it makes every marketing dollar from that point forward count.

We pride ourselves on running a lean operation. At our core is an employed team of market strategists, seasoned account managers and award-winning designers.

Supporting this core, we have cultivated a world-class network of professionals who provide non-core disciplines such as body copy, photography, printing, fabrication, and research. This outsourced excellence ensures constant access to the best-in-class expertise and protects against recommendations made to fill surplus capacity.